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Why use Fletchers Lawyers?

Fletchers Lawyers has a specialist team of professionals dedicated to resolving victims of crime compensation claims successfully. Our staff are highly trained to provide prompt advice in a sympathetic and comprehensive manner during a period when clients may be at their most vulnerable.

We ensure we spend time explaining all aspects of the victims of crime compensation process in simple terms. We try to ensure that clients are advised fully and carefully of the prospects of success, the types of compensation they may receive, the steps required to do so and the likely timetable.

At Fletchers Lawyers we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for victims of crime.

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher / Lawyer

The firms founder and principal solicitor Richard Fletcher created a legal practice in 2006 devoted to representing victims of crime in compensation cases.  Richard was admitted as a legal practitioner in 1991. Richard is the only lawyer in South Australia to have received the Victim Worker of the Year Award.  Richard is an Honorary Life Member of the Victim Support Service and a former Board Member of the Victim Support Service.  Richard provides regular presentations and guidance to various organisation and interest groups who provide support to victims of crime.

Simone O'Connor

Simone O'Connor / Lawyer

With a Bachelor of Laws from the University of South Australia and a Masters of Law from Australian National University Simone has quickly developed an excellent reputation in the representation of victims of crime.  Simone specialises in providing representation to victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and children who are in the care of Families SA.  Simone is passionate about representing victims of crime and is highly regarded for her deep empathy and compassion for her clients.

Tamara Whiteside

Tamara Whiteside / Para Legal

With over seven years experience as a former police officer Tamara has a unique set of skills in assisting victims of crime.  Tamara possesses an intimate understanding of the experience of victims in the criminal justice system.  Tamara has developed skills and knowledge in assisting a wide range of victims including victims of domestic violence and indigenous victims.  She is currently completing her Bachelor of Laws at Flinders University.

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Fletchers Lawyers is the only law firm in South Australia devoted exclusively to the provision of representation in victims of crime compensation claims.