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Victims of Crime Compensation Specialists

Victims of crime compensation law is a highly specialised area. Very few solicitors have experience in this field.

The necessary gathering of evidence and the way in which the claim is presented to the Crown Solicitor's Office is crucial to the sucess of a claim. It is imperative to possess an in depth knowledge of the workings of the relevant compensation law and the manner in which the claim will be assessed.

Fletchers Lawyers has the knowledge and expertise that will make a difference.

In addition to our general expertise Fletchers Lawyers has a unique level of expertise in the representation of children who have been victims of sexual abuse. We are also one of the few law firms in South Australia to understand the procedural steps required to represent victims where the offending takes place prior to 2003.



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Fletchers Lawyers is the only law firm in South Australia devoted exclusively to the provision of representation in victims of crime compensation claims.